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"From past experience, as an owner of seven homes, I’ve had no experience with All Star Construction & Maintenance. Their pre-job contacts with me were encouraging. Nothing “phony” about them... just courteous, straight, believable information. They arrived as promised at 8:00 am and left with the job completed at 8:00 pm. An amazing feat in itself! The material was quality, the labor was efficient and professional and the clean up was complete. This organization delivers! On a scale of one to ten… You guessed it… Ten!"

"I am very impressed with the overall professionalism shown by the people I've come in contact with at Allstar. I have worked in and around the construction industry for some 34 years and have pretty good knowledge of the ups and downs and ins and outs. I needed to have some (minor) follow-up repairs done to my unit. Within a few working days half the work was completed. [Thank you for your] attention to customer service – two words one does not often find in a positive sentence describing the construction industry! I must also add that it was a pleasure dealing with Jim and the crew for windows – again, the initial work and any follow-up was done quickly and professionally."

"Our thanks to you and your team for the wonderful work everyone did on our home improvement project. Unfortunately I didn't get everyone's name who worked on the project, but I would like to thank Corey (and his crew) who did a superb job building the deck and installing the oversize door. Coming home to find a huge hole in the side of the house was a little unsettling, but watching the builders work as a team to install the slider and finish in record time was very impressive."

"Jessie, who took care of the painting/staining was also great to work with. He was prompt, courteous and went out of his way to ensure the color tint for our new door matched the existing woodwork."

"I felt very comfortable at our first meeting. We felt that you truly knew your 'stuff'. We were confident of the outcome because you took the time to listen to our suggestions and came up with a few of your own. We couldn't be more pleased with the end result."

"Thank you for your customer service skills. You were a pleasure to work with, always answered my questions, made yourself available anytime, and made this project a lot of fun for me."

"We've already received many compliments on the project from our friends and neighbors and will certainly recommend Allstar to all."

“We want to thank you and your excellent crew for doing such a great job installing our new windows. Some contractors just sell windows and don’t pay attention to the details. They were very respectful of our house, we didn’t have to ask them to take their shoes off when working inside and you couldn’t tell they had been working in each room as they cleaned up so thoroughly. As you can tell, we are very pleased with you, your crew and our new windows. We have recommended you and your company to our friends and neighbors.”

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